The Bike Race

This year’s bike race will be April 28th, 2018


2017 results:

UND                         NDSU

Funds Raised
Top 20 Riders
Riders Started
Riders Finished
Total Points

The Bike Race is the largest fundraiser at Newman. Every year in April, UND faces off with the NDSU Newman Center in a 25 mile bike race for a year of glory and bragging rights. The winner is determined by the number of total riders, the number of riders with the top ten times, and the most money raised.

Usual Schedule

5 pm-7 pm: Spaghetti Feed
                    Registration is open at this time
                    Bike helmets available for purchase
Saturday – Race Day
     7:00 am – Registration Opens at Newman Center – registration, sign medical release forms, receive t-shirt
                        $25 registration fee for race if you haven’t covered it online
     7:00 am – Breakfast in Newman Social Hall
     8:00 am – Registration closes
     8:15 am – depart Newman via bus for Starting Line in Hillsboro
   10:00 am – race begins with NDSU in Hillsboro, 26 miles to Caledonia and back
     Midday – Lunch with NDSU racers at St. Rose of Lima Church, Hillsboro

New Race Route starting 2017- Begin and end near St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Hillsboro, ND

26 miles round trip to Caledonia, ND via US-81 and County Highway 13