Peer Ministry 2017-2018 School Year


The Peer Minister Team is a group of three to five students whose key role is to cultivate community life at the Newman Center through helping to plan and celebrate the liturgical life of public prayer, organizing social and educational events, and communicating Newman Center events to the broader campus.

Peer Ministers are part-time employees of the Newman Center, earning an hourly wage and working 5-10 hours a week.

All Peer Ministers have common job duties, but each Peer Minister will have a specific role to focus on as well.  These roles will be 1. Head Altar Server, 2. Lead Sacristan, 3. Social Events (1 or 2), 4. Retreats (1 or 2)


Job Duties Common to All Peer Ministers


  • Be present after weekend Masses and help organize food socials after the 11 am and 7:30 pm Sunday Masses.  This can be done with a rotating schedule of all the members of the team.

Social Events

  • Plan social events at the Newman (Game Nights, Nerf Wars, Dance Lessons, Tourney Night, Movie Night, Grilled Cheese in Lent)
  • Help provide popcorn and tea on Thursday Fireside Chats
  • Help plan off-site events such as Cabin Weekends and October trip to Itasca State Park
  • Help host events on campus with special speakers (like Leah Darrow or Fr. Nicanor)
  • Advertise events on campus
  • Help keep undCatholic at a Student Organization on campus
  • Assist with advertising and promoting the annual April Bike Race


  • Attend all staff retreat before school starts, August 14-15, 2017
  • Assist with planning events during welcome week in August 2017
  • Give Tours of the Newman Center to Freshman Registration in September and October 2017
  • Data entry for fall 2017 Student Registration Cards
  • Visit dorm rooms of newly registered students with Newman brochures
  • Help send thank you cards and other mailings to donors

Weekly Meetings

  •  The Peer Ministry Team has its weekly meeting during lunch on Wednesdays, but this can change


  • Head Server – Assign and train students to serve as Mass servers
  • Lead Sacristan – Train and assign sacristans, lectors and EMHCs for daily Mass
  • Compose general intercessions that are prayed at Sunday Mass
  • Identify and secure students to take hours for exposition from 9 am – 9pm on Wednesdays


5 to 10 hours per week (talk to Fr. Meyer if you desire increased hours)

  • Time sheets must be diligently kept up
  • Hours that “count”:
    • outreach time – phoning, contacting, filling out forms, writing
    • thank-you notes, waiting for tours
    • weekly meetings and meal
    • assigned social and spiritual activities
    • Sunday events
    • office hours

 Office Hours

  • Each Peer Minister is assigned at least 2 hours per week to help in the office.  These are smaller tasks to help Jess Kuznia, the Newman Adminstrative Assistant, or other staff members with tasks and projects.  This could be prep work for events, mailings, watering plants, setting up for marriage prep, organizing or cleaning.  It also involves helping update the donor databese with new addresses and phone numbers as they come in.

Extra Notes

  • Help keep the Center clean by picking up any garbage
  • Nobody sleeps here overnight without the pastor’s permission; however, students can stay as long as they want to study.
  • The pastor has sole authority in requests for:
    • use of Center equipment, chairs, tables, etc.
    • use of Center rooms and the building
    • charging of bills
  • No one is to use Senior Staff offices without the explicit approval of that Senior Staff person
  • Be on time for the meetings and the meal; guests should not be brought to meals – this is our time as a group
  • Be responsible for keeping track of your hours each week
  • You are encouraged, but not required, to attend some of the daily Masses and other prayer times at the Newman Center