Rome 2019 // may 12-23, 2019

As of January 17th all 12 spots are taken. If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please email Fr. Luke Meyer at For those already registered, you may make a payment by clicking on the button.

St. Peters Tiber at Night.JPG


We will travel as a group from Winnipeg, Canada, flying into Rome and exploring significant religious and historical sights in Rome and Vatican City for our first four days before spending the next three days in Florence - with a day trip to Siena included - before heading back to Rome via two days and one night in Assisi.

We will be traveling mainly by train and by foot, so please be prepared to pack light and bring quality walking shoes. Lodging will be mainly in monasteries and convents to save costs.

Registration & Cost

We are accepting up to 12 students for Rome 2019. A $250 deposit by January 20th is required to apply and reserve your place on the list.

The total cost of this trip is $2,500, and includes lodging, travel, and most meals. Lunch will be provided 2 days only. Travelers will be responsible for a few meals and other incidental costs incurred.

In addition to the deposit, installments are due by the following dates to keep your reservation:
• $1,100 due by January 31, 2019
• $1,150 due by March 31, 2019

Refunds are possible until January 31, 2019, partial refunds are possible until March 31, 2019.