Student REgistration

Students who participate in the Bike Race are asked to fundraise as part of their entry into the event. Because of the St Thomas Aquinas Newman Center’s long history at UND and the Bike Race being part of so many memories for our alumni and friends, fundraising is a quick and easy way to give back to the Newman Center.

You are welcome to get creative in raising support, but the Newman Center will provide all riders with basic resources. We know you are busy students, and we want to make raising sponsor support simple.

After registration, you will have access to:

            • An online crowdfunding profile via EveryDayHero

            • A pre-written form letter to mail to relatives and anyone you think would like to  support you

            • Pre-formatted social media graphics for you to share on your preferred social media platforms

Remember, people are not only excited to hear about the work the Holy Spirit is doing in your life, but want to be part of what you’re experiencing. By asking for support, you give someone who loves you a chance to be part of the story.


The participant who generates the most financial support wins a free racing bike valued at ($xxxxx)

The participant who gets the most riders to ride the race for UND will go home with $500 in Delta Airline gift cards. Fly solo or take your “Ride or Die” on vacation!

Every $100 raised gets your name entered in a drawing for Scheels gift cards valued at $150, $100, & $50

Riders for our Newman Center who place in the over-all top 20 will take home a premium racing jersey


Students who choose to pay the $30 entry fee in lieu of fundraising may register here.