The application for the 2019-2020 Student Board is available. Please download, print and turn in to Jess in the parish office by April 30

2018-2019 Student Board


Top Row (L-R): Mary Bennett, Stefan Zebro, Michael Trettle, Henry Berning, Jason Fussy
Middle Row (L-R): Garrett Aberle, Kayla Olson, Ryan Dunnigan, Maddie Pullen, Kendall Koch
Bottom Row (L-R): Luke Eicher, Whitney Klym, Mariah Vetter, Allie Zipp



President Ryan Dunnigan

Vice President Maddie Pullen

Secretary/Treasurer Mary Bennett

Sacristy/Server Chair Garrett Aberle

Social Chairs Whitney Klym, Kayla Olson, Luke Eicher, Henry Berning, Allie Zipp

Intramural Chair Stefan Zebro

Service Chair Mariah Vetter

RCIA Chairs Kendall Koch, Jason Fussy, Michael Trettel

Artistic Chair Dillon Tollefson